What’s Old Is New Again: Alternative Herbal Medicines

When you are sick, you feel helpless. It is not a nice feeling. It can be worse going through the modern health system when you are sick, for you are often treated as a problem that needs to be solved and not as a person. The doctor often pulls diagnosis from seemingly out of the air and relies on a mind-boggling array of technology and synthetic drugs. Although we are at a point in time where medical science is more advanced than ever, we are still getting sick. This is where patients who cannot get help from conventional medicine turn to alternative herbal medicines.

Lack Of Side Effects

One of the reasons many people prefer alternative herbal medicines to prescription or over the counter medicines is that they do not have to deal with harsh side effects. Although aspirin is a mild and helpful drug, long-term use usually leads to bleeding ulcers. In aspirin’s case, the cure can be just as bad, if not worse, than the cause! But many who use alternative herbal medicines get relief without such harsh side effects.

Getting Back To Their Roots

For some people, especially of Oriental, Indian or Native American decent, using the alternative herbal medicines developed by their ancestors provides healing comfort that can’t be duplicated. Not only do they have the comfort of familiar medicines, but seem to have a spiritual contact with the doctors and healers from generations and generations ago. Alternative herbal medicines can be a source of pride in one’s heritage as well as being effective treatments.

You Are Part of The Solution

If you want to use alternative herbal medicines such as Native American, Ayurveda or Traditional Chinese Medicine systems, you better get ready to work. You have to do your homework, work on managing stress, work on your diet and learn to trust yourself. This is very different from the “do what you’re told” mentality of conventional medicine.
You need to support and sustain your own body’s remarkable powers of healing.

Some people do not like alternative herbal medicines because they smack of a foreign spirituality or magic. You are asked to open your mind to new ways of looking at the world and yourself. You are also asked to use your own mental powers to help give the alternative herbal medicines the best shot at working. Many people are thrilled that they are an active partner in their own wellness and are not so helpless.


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