The Best Herbal Medicine Schools

If you are interested in getting involved with herbal medicine and even in teaching it, then you are going to have to learn about herbal medicine schools and decide on one to attend. There are actually quite a few different herbal medicine schools around the world that you can go to and so it is important to be aware of the best options and then decide from here.

Clayton College of Natural Health

By far, one of the best herbal medicine schools is Clayton College of Natural Health. They were founded in the year 1980 and it is recognized as being one of the world’s leading colleges of natural health. You can study at the college when and where it is most convenient for you and you are even able to take your exams online or through the mail.

Their offered natural health programs are based on the principle that healing is able to occur naturally in the human body if it is given what it truly needs. With Western medicine the idea is to basically just relieve the symptoms that are associated with the disease, whereas with herbal medicine the goal is to focus on the patient as a whole and treat their entire self, rather than just focusing on the problem at hand.

The Herbal Bear

This is another of the most popular herbal medicine schools, and the classes here range from short one day workshops to a comprehensive six month program for herbal studies. They offer instruction on a variety of herbal medicine and related topics and this includes classes on herbal medicine making, herbs for colds and flu, medical botany, medicinal mushrooms, herbal energetic, and other health related topics.

You can learn everything from spring herb identification, herbal terms and resources, wild food gathering, herbs for the digestive system, making flower essences, plant meditation, herbal harvesting, herbal vinegars, making herbal tinctures, herbs for the nervous system, making herbal salves, making herbal cosmetics, and developing herbal formations.

There are many other herbal medicine schools that you can choose to attend as well, but it is important that you take the time to learn as much as you can about each school and make the most informed and intelligent decision in regards to which is going to be best suited to you and your particular goals. You will have a lot of fun and enjoyment attending an herbal medicine school and will be able to have a wonderful career helping others.

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