Herbal and Natural Medicines – Should You Try Them?

Herbal and natural medicines are becoming increasingly popular and they have been used longer than any other variety of healthcare products. Just about all societies throughout history have known about and have successfully used herbs as well as natural substances to cure ailments and reduce unwanted symptoms associates with health problems. The pharmacopeia that was developed in the nineteen hundreds is primarily based on natural and herbal remedies.

Plant substances or synthesized plant compounds are found in approximately twenty-five percent of the total amount of prescription drugs that are used in the United States. Researchers estimate that approximately eighty percent of the people in the world use some form of herbal and natural medicines. Pharmaceutical companies are constantly researching and looking for plants that can be used to create new and better medicines for the public.

Research on Herbal and Natural Medicines

There has not been enough research completed so far on a lot of the herbal and natural medicines, however an increasing amount of research studies are now being conducted and more will be occurring in the future due primarily to the popularity of remedies made from herbs and other natural sources in the United States and all over the world. Some herbal and natural medicines do have unwanted side affects and some can be harmful. If you do use them please follow the directions that come with the products.

Popular Herbal and Natural Medicines

St. John’s Wort is a being used to help people who have minor to moderate depression problems. Some herbal medicines have been used to combat diabetes and high levels of cholesterol. Based on a few studies artichokes may have the ability to reduce cholesterol levels. Some herbalists believe that Echinacea can reduce the amount of time you have a cold and can also reduce the symptoms, however some research suggest that the amount required to fight a cold is higher than the dosage that most manufacturers of the product recommend you take. There has not been research performed to find out the possible side affects of these higher than generally recommnended dosages.

If you like garlic then go ahead and put plenty in your meals because research has shown that it can help to reduce high cholesterol levels. People have been using Nigella Sativa also known as black cumin for all types of problems including pulmonary infections, influenza, a variety of allergies, coughs and dealing with stomach aches. Some herbalists believe that oregano might be useful in battling multi-drug resistant bacteria. Some believe green tea may inhibit growth of breast cancer cells. There are many other herbal and natural medicines that are being used throughout the world but if you decide to try some of these products you should discuss them with your doctor before using them.

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