Hemerrhoid treatment – owner’s own experience (true)

I had severe bleeding from hemerrhoids for many years, and tried all types of treatment without success and was seriosuly considering surgery.

However I read an article on the internet that recommended the use of RUTIN.

I ordered a bottle on the basis of “nothing lost” and I have to say I was genuinely amazed – not only did the bleeding clear up within a week, but I have not had it return for over 18 months (as December 2016).

Usually I am skeptical of these “miracle cures” but I can honestly say that this has worked for me – though I can’t guarantee that for anyone else. Also, I would say – be careful and see a doctor to make sure there are not any serious underlying medical problems causing the bleeding – don’t rely on a home diagnosis. But if all is well – you might want to give Rutin a try.

Here’s what I bought (just click on the link to get to the full description and current price):

Solgar Rutin Bioflavonoids Tablets, 500 Mg, 250 Count