Chinese Herbal Medicines For Your Children

Don’t Be Scared Of Chinese Herbal Medicines For Your Children

One of the shortcomings of conventional medicines is that they often have harsh side effects. For example, the overuse of antibiotics can make a child more susceptible to illnesses like ear infections. Another is that they treat your child (and you) like a machine and not like people. Although you should not seek to replace your conventional pediatrician, you can certainly look into synthesizing Chinese herbal medicines for your children for their care.

What Aliments Respond To TCM

There are some aliments and long-term conditions that seem to respond very well to Chinese herbal medicines for your children. These include asthma, diabetes and juvenile arthritis. Chinese Traditional Medicine (TCM) has realized that children have different health needs than adults for thousands of years. Chinese herbal medicines for your children seek to have the child’s body go back to a normal balance.

TCM Powders

Chinese herbal medicines for your children are often given to you in powdered form. This powder is then mixed in applesauce or a drink and administered twice a day, or whatever the TCM practitioner recommends. The powders themselves are usually odorless, have very little taste and can be stored over very long periods of time. They are also tailored to meet the individual health needs of your child.

Chinese herbal medicine powders for your children are made from dried extractions of natural botanical material (roots, stems, leaves and the like). They are now often made in modern, sterile laboratories. The plant material is boiled until a sap like substance is made. This substance is then dried and ground up to make the powders. They are far more potent than the original material it came from.

You Take An Active Role

Unlike conventional medicine, where you depend entirely on their wizardry, you are part of your health solution in TCM. Pediatrics in TCM looks at treating children in four ways – through proper diet, herbal medicines, Chinese massage (Tui Na) and acupuncture. Your child will also be expected to learn how to handle stress and to regularly exercise.

Most children like the TCM sessions like Tui Na massage or acupuncture. The needles are incredibly thin now and insertion can barely be felt. Sometimes Chinese Herbal medicines for your children are burnt near the child during these sessions. Don’t be alarmed. These burning herbs will not be put on the child. They seem to activate the emotions and self-esteem of the child to help give their natural immune system a boost.

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